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Surviving the Active Shooter - 2 hours

Course description – 

Unfortunately our world can turn violent at a moment's notice.  Active shooters, violent mobs, political and social unrest, along with violent crime can occur to anyone, anyplace, at anytime.  This course will instruct you to recognize, evaluate, make decisions, and act to evade and escape these situations.  Heavy emphasis will be placed on proven tactics taken from prior incidents to assist you in building your personal defense plan in order to survive these events.  The entire 2 hour course will be taught in our classroom by our expert cadre. 

This course is a first step in building your personal safety plan.  The information in the course can be applied and used by individual citizens, social groups, schools, churches, and corporations, 

*Because of the sensitive subject material we ask that all students be over the age of 18. 

Topics covered:

  • Defining acts of violence
  • Understanding why and where these attacks occur
  • Applying area and self awareness into your personal defense planning
  • Understanding the 3-F's concept in responding to acts of violence
  • Critical decision making skills
  • Recognizing verbal and non-verbal cues prior to an act of violence
  • Using your personal defense firearm during an active shooter event
  • First aid skills 
  • Equipment needed for everyday life
  • Escaping the violence, now what?  

Equipment need:

  • Notebook and pen

Course length:  2 hours

Course cost:  $30

Max Students:  40

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