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Handgun Classes

USCCA Michigan Concealed Pistol License – CPL Certification Class – 8 Hours

This is the class you will take to become certified to carry a concealed pistol in the State of Michigan.  After you pass this class, you will receive a certificate of completion which enables you to apply for your CPL.  If you want to legally carry your handgun concealed, this is the class for you.  Students are encouraged to have some familiarity and experience with a handgun prior to taking the CPL course.  

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Michigan CPL Renewal - 4 Hours

Michigan law requires a current CPL holder to complete the renewal process prior to their CPL expiring.  The applicant does not have to take a course, but the State of Michigan requires, "the applicant shall sign the statement on the application certifying that he or she has completed at least three hours of review of the required training and has had at least one hour of firing range time in the six months immediately preceding the renewal application".

Because of this requirement Range 517 provides a 4 hour class with 3 hours of classroom review and 1 hour of range time.  The review will be both taught by an certified instructor and video presentation.  Even though applicants do not have to take a course we provide this package for applicants to assist them in fulfilling the renewal process.  The student will receive a certificate and receipt showing completion of the 3 hour review and 60 minute range time.   

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Intro to Handguns – 2 Hours

If you are new to handgun ownership and want to learn the recommended ways to be a safe and responsible gun owner, this is the class for you.  The entire class will take place in our on site classroom and be taught by a certified instructor.  This is a non live fire class, which means we will not be shooting on our indoor range.  

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Handgun Clinic – 1.5 hours

The handgun clinic is designed for individuals looking to take the next step from our intro to pistol class and their CPL. The course is perfect for those that want to prepare for their CPL.  Students will expand their knowledge and experience through classroom lecture and practical live fire range exercises.  Students will receive a certificate for completion of the course.   

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Ladies only handgun class - 4 hours

Female firearm ownership has been steadliy on the rise.  Women are now considered the fastest growing segment of firearms ownership.  With this fact in mind Range 517 has devolped a course just for the ladies.  This 4 hour handgun course will provide a principle based foundation that will allow the student to build a core set of skills that can be applied in a variety of situations.  The class is a basic level course and will be taught by our master level instructor.  Personal attention will be paid to each individual student to enhance and refine their shooting platform & skill sets.  

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Handgun 1 – Foundational Principles - 4 Hours

The basic handgun 1 course takes the new shooter from the classroom to the live fire range.  This course covers topics that will assist the shooter in becoming more comfortable and more proficient while carrying, drawing, and firing their handgun.  This entire 4 hour course will take place on our live fire range.  Students are encouraged to have completed a CPL course prior to registering.

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Handgun 2 – Defensive Handgun - 4 Hours

The intermediate handgun 2 course progresses from where handgun 1 leaves off.  This course will assist those that own a handgun for defensive, or competitive purposes.  Whether in your home or concealed carry this course will benefit you immensly by focusing on the principles of defensive accuracy, drawing from concealment, and Close Quarter Defense.  This entire 4 hour course will take place on our live fire range.  Students are encouraged to have completed a handgun 1 course prior to registering.    

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Handgun 3 – Flashlights & Nightsights - 4 Hours

The advanced handgun 3 course teaches the student the proper techniques in combining their handgun with a illumination source.  FBI statistics reveal that most shootings occur in low-light environments — such as a dark parking lot or in your home at night.  The class will place heavy emphasis on defensive shooting in a low-light/no-light environment, using both weapon mounted and hand-held lights. This is an advanced class and students will be expected to be at a higher level of expertise with their handgun. The course will introduce proven tactics used by law enforcement and self defense experts.  The entire 4 hour class will take place on the live fire range.    

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Cleaning and Maintaining your Handgun – 2 Hours

The 2-hour class will teach the handgun owner how to properly disassemble, clean, reassemble, and maintain their firearm.  The course will be taught by our certified armorers with decades of experience.  This class is a must for those who are unsure on how to properly break their handgun down and clean it.  Student firearms must be cased, or holstered when brought into our facility.  NO live ammunition is needed for the class.  There will be cleaning and maintenance products available for purchase during breaks and after the class in our accessories area.    

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Basic Revolver - 4 Hours

Revolvers are a fantastic self-defense firearms.  When fitted with a snubby barrel and loaded with the proper ammo these tools can prove highly effective in a close quarter defensive shooting situations.  The basic course will allow the revolver sowner to walk away with a solid foundation of how to use their revolver in a defensive encounter.  This is must course if you carry or deploy a wheel gun for your protection.    

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