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Conflict De-Escalation Class – 4 Hours


Course description:

De-escalation refers to behavior that is intended to prevent escalation of conflicts.  In the event you are attacked, and your life is threatened, if you plan on using a firearm to defend yourself, avoiding the attack in the first place is best whenever possible.  An important element to legally using deadly force in self-defense means that you must not be an aggressor in the conflict.  This class will explore different pathways of not only not being an aggressor, but also ways to calm stressful situations down to where conflicts never get to the point where firearms are needed.

Our conflict de-escalation class will teach you how to recognize, & de-escalate challenging conflicts through proper and positive communication skills.  This will be held in our climate controlled on-site classroom.  The course will cover recognizing pre-attack indicators to avoid physical confrontation, as well as using verbal and non-verbal de-escalation tactics to escape a potential violent encounter.  This class is a perfect addition for anyone with a CPL, as well as, private/corporate, or faith based security teams.

The skills you will learn in this class are extremely important for being a safe and responsible gun owner.  Not only will your judgement and strategic thinking skills improve during possible conflicts, you will naturally gain the confidence to think quickly and effectively during stressful situations.

Should the unfortunate circumstances ever present themselves in your life where you needed to use your firearm in self-defense, having taken this course helps demonstrate that you are and were committed to doing everything you could to avoid having to use deadly force in the first place.  It shows that you are a responsible gun owner, not some vigilante out running around looking for a fight.  Students will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

Key elements: 

  • Learn to possibly avoid situations where deadly force would be needed
  • Recognize pre-attack indicators
  • Improve communication skills in stressful encounters
  • Improved judgement and strategic thinking
  • Range appropriate attire – (No open toed shoes)
  • Helps demonstrate willingness to not be an aggressor
  • Helps demonstrate responsible gun ownership

Course Fee - $50

Student Count – 40

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